Pre-Dawn Existential Crisis Courtesy of Corporate Greed and Environmental Degradation

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Our planet and its environment have developed over millions of years to become what they are today.

Imagine the profound arrogance of humanity to attempt to destroy it all in the time scale equivalent of an eye blink, and all for the sake of made up money.

Money has value because people give it value. Take that away, and it’s just paper, coins, and concept. When we die, dollars don’t die with us.

Imagine the profound arrogance of humanity to place fleeting greed above the very planet itself, the very planet that gave rise to us in the first place.

Humans are capable of both incredible greatness and incredible depravity. This asphyxiating greed, without question or quantification, is incredible depravity.

And to think it’s primarily at the hands of just a small few. For a small few’s avarice and corruption, the planet suffers. We all suffer.

I hope these people know no matter how much money they make, they cannot take their wealth to the grave.

They will live, they will die, and they will rot back into earth, same as us all.

Even after pillaging our own shelter, Mother Earth knows no scorn, holds no disdain. Holy or broken, we are all home to her.

If only her destroyers felt the same.



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J.N. Estey

J.N. Estey

She/her · MSW · Columbia ’21. First book “Creatio ex Nihilo: Poems and Stories about Depression, Survival, and the Resurgence of Hope” available on Amazon 💗